Site Rules >> A MUST READ for ALL new members!

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Site Rules >> A MUST READ for ALL new members!

Post by Jinker Bolts on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:22 pm

Hello, Jinker Bolts here. I'm lazy right now, so I'm just going to steal SMWC's temporarily until I have the energy to actually think up all the rules.

1) Do not flame, troll, or make any post that proposes or projects hate onto any user or group of people.
2) Do not submit copyrighted or commercial ROMs or any other illegal digital goods to the website. This also applies to your files, and the administrators will delete these without further notice. If you want to upload a Rom Hack, create a BPS or IPS file and upload that.
3) Avoid creating contentless, spammy or otherwise unwanted posts or threads.
4) Do not post any NSFW material. This mostly refers to pornography, but also includes lewd, suggestive or sexually charged material. Excessive blood is also not advised. If you absolutely must, link it instead.
5) Do not derail threads by abruptly changing the subject to something else.
6) Do not post anything that may hinder anyone's ability to browse the site such as CSS abuse, copypasting long pieces of text, table stretching, etc.
7) Don't use multiple accounts. If you've got siblings or other IRL friends who may use the same computer, or otherwise think you need another account, PM the administrator or the moderators.
8) Don't mess up the thread histories. If someone has replied to your post, don't delete or blank it.
Most forums have a rule thread stickied at the top, read it before posting to get a general feeling on what's desirable there.
9) Do not post, relay messages or submit content on behalf of banned users. Doing so bypasses the restrictions given to them, defeating the purpose of their ban.
10) Be respectful of other users, don't bring personal drama into the site and don't use other users to vent.

Actually these rules are pretty good. I say we keep them! ...Nah just kidding, some SMW Central person might yell at me for doing this at all.

Yee hee hee! I am Jinker Bolts, and I'm going to F Suspect YOUR WORLD UP!
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