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Screenshots & Videos Sector >> Now it's sugar free!

Post by Jinker Bolts on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:29 pm

Hey, hey! Jinker Bolts here! You got some impressive things to show? Now is your chance to shine in this here thread! Whether it'd be graphics showoff, level showcase, or even a gameplay video or trailer, we are here to applaud your work! Keep in mind that members may critique your work, so keep an open mind... otherwise people will look at you like " Suspect ". Do your best to link NSFW and not actually link images containing such content (this goes anywhere from bloody violence to sexual content). You don't want to annoy the moderators or Daizo himself, do you?! Wait, of course you want to! So do I! But here go by the rules, I guess.

Let's see if you can outshine the rest! Good luck!

Yee hee hee! I am Jinker Bolts, and I'm going to F Suspect YOUR WORLD UP!
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