HEY! I GOT A QUESTION! (Ask questions here thread)

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HEY! I GOT A QUESTION! (Ask questions here thread)

Post by Jinker Bolts on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:01 pm

Hey! Jinker Bolts here demanding answers! Me and everyone here! Mad

Why did you even reboot this site again?! Isn't it going to fall like the last time?! You even let the last forum die because you didn't bother with it, why is it that you needed to give this place another go?! Don't you know this is pointless?! POINTLESS! I demand answers! And anyone can ask you questions in this thread too! Ask your questions so Daizo can clear this up! Your voice needs to be heard! Minor or major, anything goes!

You don't want to disappoint the fanbase, do you? No

Yee hee hee! I am Jinker Bolts, and I'm going to F Suspect YOUR WORLD UP!
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Re: HEY! I GOT A QUESTION! (Ask questions here thread)

Post by Daizo Dee Von on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:49 pm

Seriously Jinker, this is how you wanted to make this thread? I know you like to make me look bad, but uh... yeah, little much. I rebooted it for my fanbase that I've developed because of my popular mod, 100 Rooms of Enemies. That, and also because I want to spread out from just SMW Modding.
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