Welcome to Evil Daizo Productions the 6th!

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Welcome to Evil Daizo Productions the 6th!

Post by Daizo Dee Von on Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:20 pm

Hey there mates and femates, this is Daizo Dee Von, and welcome everyone to the 6th reincarnation of Evil Daizo Productions. From Fourmotion to Tahixham's Board to JDC's to Scrydan's to JDC's again, we are finally making a full loop with Forumotion once again. However, this time we won't be focusing on being an alternative to SMW Central, but instead we will be our own community. We will be looking at all artforms, though mostly we will be keeping to Video Production and Game Making from the start. As y'all have noticed my YouTube channel is this site's biggest theme going this time, and everything that's about my work has been presented here. You could say I'm a little selfish. Razz

100 Rooms of Enemies is the most successful hack I've ever created, and you can say that the community that spawned in it is massive thanks to channels like Blue Television Games, Self-made Island, and even Antdude who briefly mentioned the mod in his Mario Romhacks video. Everything about the V3.0.0. update and the 100 Rooms of Enemies contest shall be announced here in this very website. Special mentions also go to Levelengine for completing Do or Die Mode. EvilDaizo Productions was referenced in the game when you encountered Rooms 73-75 where it explicitly spells out "E", "D", and "P", and the website was even referenced in the Q&A Session. I had no idea that it would explode in popularity like this, but to that I say welcome to my new fans. For that, I reboot this website just for you fine people.

As you can also see, I am no longer collaborated with anyone this time. No Scrydan, no JDC, no Tahixham... just me. Me and my moderators. I'm going to take a more independent approach when it comes to handling the site itself, but I also will be handling the aesthetics of the entire forum. It's just how I roll, I suppose. I'll miss having other people code for me, but hey, I learned that sometimes if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. No

Anyways, welcome! I expect y'all to come in small numbers at first, but I will do my best to advertize better. This is Daizo, and it's never a "good bye", it's always a "see you later"!
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